a skeleton on display

Walking off alone
with your back to the one 
you said you loved. 
Stepping out of skin 
we grew together in as never ending, 
but you ended it. 
Unprepared for the hardened coldness. 
I could not detect it in your eyes. 
And ever moment that I had to give 
was dedicated by your side. 
Of all the nights we held each other dear, 
never did I dream your grip would end. 
And your breath against my neck 
I fear was my only reason for breathing. 
I will always miss you. 
According to the facts so casually you lay before me, 
off your interest died. 
I'm nodding with your head 
just to agree and going against what I know in mine.
I need a promise not a prediction 
on when this well resolve. 
Ok. If it is never then at least I know. 
I'll go without my dignity 
and say I will always miss you.
I am a skeleton on display
Jag har aldrig hatat någon som jag hatar dig. 
Jag har aldrig älskat någon som jag älskar dig.